Leave of Absence Request Form

Good attendance at school is the first step in ensuring your child's successful education.  Poor attendance has been shown to have a measurable impact on children's academic progress and the qualifications they achieve at GCSE and beyond.  Poor attendance impacts their ability to settle at school, to learn and to form and maintain friendships.  For this reason, holiday requests are only ever authorised in exceptional circumstances and where it would be impossible for the holiday to be taken during normal school holidays.  Please note that family events such as weddings or birthdays do not constitute exceptional circumstances.

 THERE IS NO ENTITLEMENT to parents / carers to take a child out of school during term time, however you may apply to the school for leave of absence in exceptional circumstances.  Agreement to each request is at the discretion of the Head Teacher, acting on behalf of the Governing Body (Pupil Registration Regulations 2006).  If the absence is not authorised and the leave is taken, the matter will be referred to the Local Authority who may issue a Penalty Notice for £120 (or £60 if paid within 21 days) to each parent / carer for each child taken out of school. Failure to submit a leave of absence request will result in the absence being unauthorised and a referral to the Local Authority who may again issue a Penalty Notice as above. 

If you wish to request leave of absence of one day or more for your child(ren) please print and use the form below, or collect a paper copy from the office.  Thank you.

Great Tey Leave of Absence Form